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Working with Fify Loewen Photography was the most professional, customer service-driven process that I have experienced in a long time. Every interaction with Fify – from the pre-shoot meeting and  suggestions shared on make-up and attire for the shoot to product delivery – was top notch.


Working Professional + Mom



Select your session below and fill out the contact form below. We asses your needs and design your session with you. Location, what to wear, what to bring - we will guide you. Typically best to book a month in advance.

04_02Photo Shoot

THE day. We will meet on time at the arranged shoot location and capture EPIC images of you, and your loved ones. No pressure, you don't even have to wear shoes if you don't want to. Again, not to worry if you don't know how to pose, we'll make sure you look amazing!

04_03Post Shoot

Once your images are ready you will come in for your reveal and ordering session. Don't worry if you cry, we keep a box of tissues on hand for this occasion! But seriously, you select your images, and we design and order your beautiful albums and wall art.


I was wondering if your service delivery would match up with the impression I got about your services on social media. What I like the most about working with Fify? The level of professionalism, appointments are honored and the pictures represented who we truly are!


Business Owner + Mom, BUA Space

Service is very Professional but at the same time inviting, friendly and warm. There was direction and helpful advice on everything from what to wear to how to pose. The end products were presented very well, from the picture viewing to final collection. Honestly the whole experience exceeded my expectations, definitely worth every single penny spent and i am looking forward to working with you again for all my future milestones.


Medical Doctor

The excellent standard of FLP work. You strive to be the best. I love every detail of your products and the packaging. You really do get your money's worth.


Business Owner + Mom, Funky Tots





I know what it feels like to feel like you’ve forgotten who you are, forgotten your beauty, your spark dulled. I experienced this for a few years after having my kids. Gorgeous or captivating was the last thing I felt, and it wasn’t fun. I know that you may have or be experiencing this too. So this is the perfect time to remind yourself just how valuable you are, how beautiful you really are. Because of my years of experience photographing women, I know what true beauty looks like. Let me show you yours so that you can confidently go after the life you desire.



  • Perfect for families, maternity and couples.
  • Sessions last up to 1hour
  • Product options start at BWP 3500

BWP 1500


  • Perfect for women looking for gorgeous images of themselves
  • Share the session with a sister, mother, girl friend, daughter.
  • Price includes makeup
  • Product options start at BWP 3500

BWP 2000


  • Perfect for small business owners, realtors, working professionals.
  • Sessions last up to 1hour
  • Product options start at BWP 1500

BWP 1500

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