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28000+ blog views since June 28 and a countless number of sessions done, the past twelve months have been a great learning curve for me, personally and vocationally. I have laughed and cried, failed and succeeded, been appreciated and insulted – but have kept going. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into when I said I was starting a photography business but I can tell you one thing, I don’t regret it one bit.

The draw and the heart behind what I do is the desire to connect with different people, and not just on a superficial level. Some of my clients have been shocked by the barrage of questions I ask before doing a session:-)I have met and made some good friends in the process, and have shared in the joy and pain, as you may have read in the different posts.

My biggest thanks go out to Peter Miano (for being such a faithful driver, 2nd shooter and big bro), Sesame Marumo (for being an awesome friend), Mumbi Mwela (for being a loyal house-sitter and admin person once in a while). I could go on and thank lots of people but names that come to mind  quick include Olebogeng Morebodi, Batsho Juby Segolodi, Miss Lady Kgaswane, Pearl Moleboge, Kamogelo Chikomba, Leungo Legare, Agnes Kgafela, Hambira Nana, Kebonye Tebogo, Kelz Benz, Kagiso Puso and Tebby Emily Parker. I’m sure there’s more people that take time to leave a comment and like etc so thank you, it goes a long way.

I believe in growth so I think I have learnt a lot technically when it comes to images. I’m always pushing myself to be better and think outside the box in an effort to make everything special for my clients. So mark my words, I’m moving on to a different field the day I feel like I have stopped growing and being challenged:-)

All in all the good Lord gave me a vision, and I don’t doubt for a minute that He will see it through, His way. Like clay on a potter’s hand, so is my life in his hands, he will mold and break me until I’m a vessel that He has created me to be.

As part of the birthday festivities I thought it would be fun to give away some stuff and here’s what you have to do. Simply leave a comment (under COMMENTS, not the Facebook ones) regarding your most favorite things about our blog posts. If you are on Facebook like our page here to increase your chances of winning. For a second entry subscribe to the blog by clicking  on ‘subscribe’ above. Winners will be chosen randomly and will be announced next week Friday, the 26th of August, 2011. Entries will be accepted until Thursday, August 25, at 12pm.

Gift 1


A gift voucher for a facial (including exfoliation) at Shannaz Herbal in Riverwalk. Open to both ladies and gents:-)

Gift 2


This one is a book that I’m currently reading and enjoying. Captivating by John and Staci Eldredge. I would like engaged/married couples to enter this one because then I would top it up with Wild at Heart still by the same authors. It is a great read also as it gives good insights on male/female makeup.

Gift 3


I love pretty journals, have quiet a few from different seasons in my life. Why? Because I believe that there is power in the Word, spoken and written, so for this one we are giving away a journal. This will simply be for the individual that gets it to write down their hopes, dreams etc and see what happens:-)

So what are you waiting for, leave a comment and invite your friends to do the same. We will give away a free session if we get over a 100 comments:-)



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  • theo - Fy…its very easy for someone to pick up a camera and start taking shots..but your passion and love for what you do and the warmth you ooze when you work with people blew me away and continues to do so. My Finacé was really surprised as how quickly i warmed up and opened up to you during and after our session as that normally takes me what feels like a lifetime..! I will continue to pray for you and i am certain that God will continue to bless you in abundance! :)ReplyCancel

  • leungo - i just love everything about this blog page,high quality,breath taking pictures and the beautiful creation of God(i.e people in the picture)and its all because of the talent in you Fify..may God increase and increase and take you to the higher level…ReplyCancel

  • Lady Kgaswane - I had written a long long message and my network went down realise it was not posted!:(
    Anyways its worth writing again, well first I feel so honoured to be mentioned here, I really love your work and I have fallen in love with photography because of it.
    What i love?
    1.-The snippets and stories you always write ka your subjects,they make it so easy for me to fall in love with them and have a connection instantly!I always feel like I have known them for days!
    2. When you do the engagement and the wedding!Fantastic journey!
    3.The fact that you are a christian but your work radiates to non-christian just blesses my heart, your passion,humility and dedication makes you the girl next door, and for me you will always be my little sister whom I am very proud of,those moments I hold close to my heart!May god bless you and continue with the hard work, remain humble and you will be exalted!ReplyCancel

  • Ruvimbo Zhou - Im one person who is always re-reading your blogs everytime I’m on the net. I love your character and I love your passion for photography.I also love the way you present your topics especially how you make each and everyone of your client feel special and different. You always have a unique way of doing it and its so touching, I guess some gifts are not made but they are born within. Lastly of course the way you say “happy viewing as always”. Keep up the good work Fify and as the bible says ” I shall reward the works of your hand” so keep doing your thing girl….Stay blessedReplyCancel

  • Kebonye - Fify,i am leaving this comment not because i am iterested in any of the gifts above, they are way less that you as a gift from God in my life. Since the time we met at Ub you have been a great friend and a sister, and for you just to mention my name even when i have done nothing significant goes to show the kind of person you are. A strong willed young lady who has devoted her life to making people smile and cry at the same time just at the flash of a camera light.

    You have always been an inspiration even back at school,yours is not just a learnt skill but a God given talent.Your pictures say more than words can describe.All i wish for you is success…i cannot choose the sessions that have captured my attention because every piece is unique.I love you Mrs Loewen,o isibusiso impilweni yam’ God richly bless you and Matt because his support that included driving long distances to go do sessions resulted in this blog.ReplyCancel

  • Lady Kgaswane - Ruvimbo Zhou – you make each and everyone of your client feel special and different Oh yes!ReplyCancel

  • Batsho Judy Segolodi - luv everything about this blog.Ur pictures are out of this world, amazing, wonderful. u manage to capture the feeling of the day and get all the little details. I luv the weddings and couples sessions. Just know who to call wen mi special day comes:))))ReplyCancel

  • Fene - Fif…
    i always look forward to your pictures..
    Absoutely breathtaking, but most of all i like how you connect with your clients,taking time to know them and in turn telling us about them..
    What i love mostly is the stories of your clients, its almost as if you know all of them on a personal level, that’s the one thing that really sets you apart from other photographers.
    Yoy are immensely talented my dear..
    Keep doing wat you do best..
    And yes i am still interested in doing a session with you..
    Will really make time..
    May the Almighty continue to shower you with countless blessings…

  • Onepile Lesole - I check your page on Facebook every Friday for updates.n every time i see the pictures i will be like God please be with her and protect her so that when i get married, become pregnant she be my photographer even after delivery and 10years later still be around to take pictures of me and my future family.I simply love your work. Simple yet worth a thousand wordsReplyCancel

  • Pearl - Im not sure if this entry qualifies me for your competition-but nevertheless, mine’s intention is really to take this opportunity to pay tribute to a fine young lady! From the moment we met you-Khumo couldnt stop talking about how he had never seen such talent and drive. Your business acumen-at such a tender age-is nothing but inspiring! The quality of the output from our photoshoot was even further testament of what a gift you are to the photography industry in Botswana. Infact-you are so good that I dont have a shadow of a doubt that you can compete on any platform-even internationally!

    People like you are living testaments that God rewards richly those who follow him faithfully. One thing that is explicitly evident within minutes of meeting you is that you are a true Woman of God-and I think that has a big thing to do with why you are set to reaching great heights!

    Now…to answer the exam question-what’s my favourite thing about your blogs…..EVERYTHING!♥♥♥ReplyCancel

  • nana - FIFY…your love and heart for what you do dear show in all the picture you have taken,, they say a picture tell a story, but the story i see here is not mostly about the faces on the picture but about the one behind the lense…your pictures tell a story of FAITH LOVE PASSION DREAMS AND DEDICATION….while the smiles on the pictures tell stories of LOVE COMFORT ENJOYMENT PEACE AND TRUST….

    your love for what you do makes the models fill at peace with you they trust you and enjoy being around you….we all cheries our pictures and love to seat aorund the table and laugh at them ,as years goes by every family in Botswana will be around tables and say ” i love this picture it reminds of the time FIFY took me to a scrap metal place for a photo shoot and i was like what go ne mo lesweng le, and she turned it into one of the most beautiful pictures eva…”…
    kip up the good work dear stay true and be blessd
    I wish one day i could be able to have”pictures by fify lowen on my photo album”……you are realy motivating fify

    i got my self a kodak c183 and experimenting…..thanx to youReplyCancel

  • Tebby Emily Parker - ey Fif’s… i have a confession to make… i <3 your blog, its one of my addicts after chocolate… Trust me am always looking forward for the next upload… Your picture is of high quality & i love the story backup of each & every photoshoot or picture you take…Its pleasure to have met & worked with you… its with you i take my work a lot more seriusly… Thanks Fif's <3 xxReplyCancel

  • Pamzah ZionDaughter Mo - i come here for inspiration, though i am not a photographer, not even an aspiring photographer, coz i see more than just photography here…And on the photography, wow i have never seen such talent displayed by a beginner and self taught person…Its just classic!!!ReplyCancel

  • Pamzah ZionDaughter Mo - i come here for inspiration, though i am not a photographer, not even an aspiring photographer, coz i see more than just photography here…And on the photography, wow i have never seen such talent displayed by a beginner and self taught person…Its just classic!!!
    i love the way you write about your clients, i love the passion you show on taking the photos, i love how you bond with your clients and the relationship you have with them, i love how you acknowledge God and also your heart of sharing ideas with other photographers. You have liked so many of them on Facebook..the colours to your blog are so warm and got talent Fifi!!ReplyCancel

  • kaelo - Let me get straight to the question,the most favourite thing I like about your blog posts is the fact that you used flash player, the look and feel of the blog and im in love with the songs playing on the bakground!and ya the smiley at the botom f the page :-).as for me it al started wen i so the shoots u took madisa family!
    being a regular visitor to this blog,atlist 3 times weekly shows i am so endeared to this space more so that i always look foward to the next post!especialy those that of lovebirds(couples) & maternity,and I realy learn a lot from the focal point category.u dnt just do ur work but bond with ur clients evn b4 u cn touch anything and this is reflected on how you write about them.readin the inspirational love stories posted here makes most f my days as i do believ in the substance of true love.wooo m so in love with fify & mr milan s works more so that evn though m nt photogenic myself i had to convince my guy for a date with fify s photography!lastly i like the fact that u apreciate the work done by otha people and recognize talent from your clients ie Genirol and Juby.ReplyCancel

  • Lwazi - I find myself checkin your website and facebook page at least once a week every week 2 check out any new pics.. i love all things beautiful and ur pictures are no exception!! Your talent and passion come are clearly visible in the work that u do.. U’ve made a lot of brides VERY happy.. Keep doin what u do ma..ReplyCancel

  • Thato - i have always wondered what God looks like, and i have found the answer in your work..he is love,passion,commitment,devotion and purpose just like all the sessions uv had and all pictures taken..

    Wish you all the best..ReplyCancel

  • ray - firstly i wil like to say i like the fact dat u helpd my lady like photography.there is some essence in ur work gal & i consider u bein clairvoyant in wat u are find some runic in how pple are knited to each other by love is so amazing because w celebrate our love lives diferently & u always deal with each person uniquely considering the facts that you have around u”and i am stil waiting 2 hear our love story 4rm u”!looking fowar to doing the next shoot with u…an on the blog posts i liked seing Tshepiso and Anita s rings on the nail!that shows how creative you are.ReplyCancel