peter and kamogelo – gaborone pregnancy photography

Peter and Kamogelo celebrated their wedding over a year ago now, their 1st year anniversary was yesterday to be exact. This photo-shoot was done towards the end of their pregnancy but they already are parents to a fit baby boy! Kamogelo had the cutest baby bump and was stunning as usual, and this time she […]

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Nomsa Kebatlhalefe - lovely..touching moments wishing you all the best. May you guys grow old together and get to raise Theetso ‘s kids (your grandchildren)

Sarah Kenaape-Regoeng - Wow, isn’t she beautiful!

Sarah Kenaape-Regoeng - Wow, isn’t she beautiful!

Thuto - awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! u guuuys!!

You look so content!

Boipelo T Ngoni - Congrats guyz, was js wonderin gore le kae le sa bonale so hapi to see this…hapi pipol..hapi couple.

Nomsa Jim-Motsumi - My people and baby Theetso in the making! As usual people pitures by beautiful people….

Lwazi - Wow!! Lovely pics 4 a lovely couple..

bokang magacha - Wow!!!!nice 1,tis is really nice..

Mis Tsu Magacha - Wow!!!!nice one couz ,wow!!!

Mis Tsu Magacha - Wow!!!!nice one couz ,wow!!!

Scotswana MakeUp - Aww! Lovely, and congratulations <3.

Rati Boikanyo - Hahahaha Bathong cuzy! o mpolaelang ruri.

Olerato Phiri - Oh! thanks Peter and Kamogelo! i like the way you make my cousin feel. Itried it for so long, but seems that you too managed.Danki. Wink.

Rati Boikanyo - This is makin me feel all broody now…..

Tshephang Marakalala - cute

Theo - Mrs Sekwale…you were glowing! o ntse montle TO COME!! Congratulations to you and Peter im so happy for you two! Kamo that bump looks like it was “made on you” LOOKING GLAMAROUS..!!

Ruvimbo Helen Zhou - The pregnancy suited her big time!

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Kefilwe – 2012 wedding interns part 2

And this is Kefilwe. She is the other lady I have been working alongside with. She is one dedicated and hardworking young woman with a very distinctive style. You can count on her for a good laugh and artistic vision. Another thing, she has killer composition techniques…Here’s what she says about herself and her work. […]

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Zizi - I like that last photo. It has so much personality.

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ashleigh – my inspiration

Sometimes inspiration comes from unique places. This is Ashleigh. She has been that for me. And she is 12 years old. A breath of fresh air, inspiration. She can wear a tablecloth and make it look like a designer garment. See for yourself…  

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Kef - 12??? i hope the dad has a gun! shes too hot for 12!

Abigail Morokotso - This child has got talent! smises, very aware of her body and the camera, she is a model!

Gauta Eyman - What! Twelve years?!! *unbelivable* she’s amazing!

lwazi - These are so beautiful!! speechless..

Lorato Kenalekgosi - Table cloth?

Pel Pump - luvli I tel u….wow!

Leungo Legare - wow!

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banu – 2012 wedding interns part 1

We are blessed so that we can be a blessing to other people. We are given so we can give to other people. Our gifts and talents are not for us to keep and boast about, but to invest in other people and multiply them. This is how growth happens. Banabotlhe is one of the […]

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Ditiro - You modest babes you….why am I only seeing these today?? Beeaautiful..xoxo

Onalenna Otlaadisa - Banu you look AMAZING! Way to go, awesome shots once again Fify!

Tebogo Lesetedi - I couldn’t even recognize you! All the best with photography

Tebogo Lesetedi - You look amazing bugs I cou

La Belle - i so adore this pic…TOTALLY!!

Faith Lorato Lesang - Wow!!! U go girl..beautiful pics

Banabotlhe Banu Kesianye - Thank You Fify for the wonderful opportunity! xoxo

Mogomotsi - *cough cough*… The beauty that is you B… You can put a lot of professional models to shame. KISSES!!

Ke'thata Daphne Kebakile - Nna kogarona re a betla mose! hee! nna ke excited BanaB because I cant wait for u to do my pictures :) xoxo.

Theo - ohhhh Py you fabulous girl you..!!! I remember how i half freaked out when you turned up at my house and i was wondering “what is she doing here” LOL! It was awesome working with you mamieee and go raya gore kego bitse one of these days waitse otle go mpontsha! Youre looking fab girl loving your hair dress and SHOES..!! the make up is out of this world!!

Great work Fy…Scotswana nailed it as usual… :)

Lore Mosimanegape Sealetsa - ao Legs! You are a xelebrated xeleb!

Nkamo Gulubane - Wow..m inspired.way to go Banu..and il be doing a lot of posing for you in the near future..*PROUD*.

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lwazi and lebo – gaborone post-wedding photography

Wedding days are sometimes packed with a lot of activity, making it a challenge to capture awesome portraits. So it was a great pleasure to get together with Lebo and Lwazi to do their post-wedding portraits. The gorgeous couple tied the knot about 3 months ago, so they are practically still newlyweds. They have a chemistry […]

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Tjibili Catherine Mimi Moatswi - wow

Popo Baakanyang - nice one

Zibanani Mafa - wow

Game Mulalu - This scenery has nothing on this couple!

Gorata Gaone Matsetse - wow these are very beautiful…you just glow.

kenalemang - Nice pictures

christinah lelathego - Aow!!nyc pictures.i misd

Kedibonye Kelly Latoya Kwata - wow love dis.

Princess Aldrinah-Drino Baruti - iyoooooo perfection!

Debby Mampu Batsalelwang - luvly pictures Lebo, hle mma dirang repeat.

Princess Aldrinah-Drino Baruti - lovely

Tsholo Sedi Tsiang - @Ontshi ee thata by Faith….

Ontshiametse Nchi Gaokwale - O seka ba ntima malatsi a o kelemile,go lebega re le gaufi le go ja sengwe!

Tsholo Sedi Tsiang - um so in luv wit your work…wil dfntly contact u 4 my special dai…

Kamogelo Pilane - lebo u look stunning….

Chibo Mpodi - Mr & Mrs Nkala looking wooow! le ne le le bantle tooooooooo much…..

Tebogo Harry - Wow! Indeed she looked amazing!

Katso Chabaefe - lebo both of you look amazing, one ontse montle gore, dress, make-up, everything.

Hajira Sethole - heela can a couple get married twice? now I want a wedding after seeing these pix…they are GORGEOUS!

Mosadimotho Judith Letshwenyo - Waitse ke eng Lwazi o bolaile ha…struuuu!

Bronia Neontle - Looking good akere,remember the guy,he’s the one who visited me ko FrEe St

Tunah Rati - Beautiful Lebo..xx

Tunah Rati - Lebo u looked stunning as ever..still as beautiful as the last time I saw u @ UB..xx

Mosetsana Oagile - When a man loves a woman…perfect.

Koketso Macala - Malebogo mma, NYC pictures.

Watson Bogha Nkoni - Wow….. Awesome! Just beautiful, God bless the union

Natefo Lerona Ngacky Disang - Wow Lebo…..nice ma dear!

Basadi Katse - Beautiful pictures….

Cha Balule - Wow Lebo . i like

Tshimologo Sono - Beautiful indeed

Donna Gofaone Ramokhua - Beautiful…the dress is divine….awesome

Lobopo Monngakgotla - awesome…….. indeed.

Lebo Modise-Nkala - I’m in love with these pictures. Good Job Mrs Loewen.

Nectar - You guys looked wow! I like this,you and Lwazi u have a beautiful wife pliz take care of her. Grow strong together guys,god bless your marriage

Adelaide Babayani - Yebo. Zana e tshwere gotlhe. Beautiful.

Machel Sekwakwa - My nigger…..tyt pics…….

Theo - her dress is DIVINE..!! I totaly love it. It looks like it was made on her!

Bee R EM - they’re perfect

Keabetswe Motisi - Speechless, super cute pictures. Out of ths continent.

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