5 Shifts You’ll See When You Do Business With God

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When you decide to do business with God, ie to be completely yielded to Him and to be led by the Holy Spirit, you are naturally going to experience some shifts.

But before we get to these shifts, it’s important to distinguish the difference between being a kingdom-driven entrepreneur and being a Christian with a business.

There are many believers in the marketplace who love the Lord, but their businesses are not yielded to Him in posture and practice.

I know this because I was one of them not too long ago.

Until the Spirit of the Lord stopped me long enough for me to heed the invitation to surrender.

Yes, you may say a prayer occasionally, keep the Sabbath, produce clean uplifting content, have a Bible verse on your website etc.

But a yielded business is a posture that stems from a yielded heart, one that is keen to see the kingdom come, and lives transformed for eternity.

Shae Baynes put it’s this way Grace over Grind, …’ being Kingdom Driven entrepreneur is not the same thing as being a Christian who owns a business. When you’re a Christian who owns a business, you can be driven or led by a variety of things, you could be driven by profits, by accolades, by power, by passion, by freedom and flexibility.

I’ve found that it is a journey I have to walk everyday to make sure that my decisions and actions reflect that doing business with God, that He’s my CEO.

The 5 Postures

Even once you embark on your journey, it is important to pay attention to your business posture in relation to God.

Your view of God is often influenced by your theology and by the influences you’ve had over your life.

That’s why it’s important to consistently create space for intimacy so that your mind is transformed and you are aligned to the mind of Christ.

I’ll quickly touch on the 5 different postures, but if you’d like to dive deeper you can access these in the same book, Grace over Grind, or go over to Firestarter school for the course.

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1. Business under God – In this posture, God’s the command giver and you are the obedient child. Rules, rules, rules! While there’s blessing in obedience as the Bible says, this view can trick you into believing that as long as you are keeping rules and following the steps, then you’ll get whatever you desire.

2. Business from God – Here your conversations with God are centered around your business and your wishlist. There’s no real intimacy, but more interest in the blessings than the blessing-giver. This posture threatens to conform God into your image if you are aware of it.

3. Business over God – As a business owner in this posture you value Biblical principles for doing business. So you read books, listen to podcasts, attend conferences in order to glean the 10principles, the 5methods, prayers to pray for your business…In this posture all those resources, though not inherently bad, can distract you from looking at the Bible as a revelation of God, but more as divine inspiration.

4. Business for God – This posture is the easiest to fall into because it will often get the most applause from other Christians. The mission-minded entrepreneur put mission ahead of God himself, and the downfall is that you can get your significance from your work, rather than from God.

5. Business with God – Business WITH God is rooted in intimacy & relationship. Tapping into His heart for you will produce identity, alignment & vision that will see your dream and desires lining up with His.

REFLECTION: How are you postured in your business in relation to God? Take a moment to sit and reflect and ask Holy Spirit to reveal this to you.

The shifts

Now that we’ve determined the different postures, and you know where you fall, now let’s look at the shifts that will happen in your business.

Now, this is not an exhaustive list by any means. It comes from my experience and hearing other Christ-centered entrepreneurs talk about their experiences too.

You may or may not experience the same.

Your pace will change

God is interested in the state of your heart because He knows that out of it your life will flow.

So you might find that when you used to run ahead of Him, you’ll begin to feel like you’ve slowed down.

And if you were always lagging behind, your steps might quicken. He’ll adjust your pace to match the mission He’s given you.

His pace is neither slow nor fast, it’s appropriate for you.

This doesn’t mean that it will be easy or comfortable, or that you’ll even like it.

But you will find yourself more and more keeping in step with Him.

Lies will be brought to light

If you have been in agreement with some lies about yourself and God, these will be revealed to you as you cultivate intimacy with the Lord.

The ways you’ve conformed to the world in your business will become clearer to you too.

The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy so anything thought patterns, behaviors & beliefs that align with this kingdom will be revealed and torn down.

Some passions/dreams will fall to the wayside and new ones will be born

Once you develop a taste for what’s good for you, your spirit will quickly develop an aversion to anything that’s not aligned to God’s truth about who He is, and who you are.

So don’t be surprised when you find yourself naturally withdrawing from some communities, ways of doing things and even trainings & teachings that you were heavily invested in before.

Please note that this has nothing to do with ‘protecting your energy’ or cutting ties with people, but more to do with what you are drawn to as your appetite becomes refined.

You’ll redefine success

Our culture often defines success in material or monetary terms, at the expense of our souls.

So the more you spend time with God, the more this might change for you. This doesn’t mean that your dreams will become smaller or that money is bad.

But rather, you’ll become more purposeful in carrying out your life’s mission, and you’ll no longer be driven by the need to look good to others.

Success to you might look like ‘doing the will of the Father,’ as Jesus did.

You’ll get better at self-care

This one was an unexpected by-product for me. All of a sudden I started keeping a good bedtime (after struggling to get to bed by 10 pm for months because I was hustling so much and knotted up in anxiety and worry if my business didn’t do well.

I also started eating to nourish my body without a hassle, when I’d struggled to eat well before.

I truly believe that because my soul was feeling whole, it was translating into the physical. When our souls prosper, everything follows.

I hope this equips you and helps you know what to expect if you happen to be on your journey of doing business with God. Have further thoughts? Feel free to share them below.

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