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To put God first as a business owner might be a desire of yours, but it may also feel like an elusive concept at the same time.

This post seeks to serve as a signpost for those already on the journey of partnering with God in their businesses.

What blocked me before

Like I mentioned above, there are may reasons why believers would rely on their smarts and guru strategies above the Holy Spirit. My reasons were:

I did not know what that looked like – If you asked me a couple of months ago I wouldn’t have been able to quickly point at other believers in my space that relied on the Spirit for guidance as they went about their businesses. If they did it wasn’t public knowledge (which’s totally fine), but I had no visible examples for me to look to. So yes, there are many Christians in business, but like me, they were doing business like everyone else.

I wasn’t cultivating intimacy with God on a daily basis. Yes I prayed for my business, I was going to church on Sunday and I loved God with all that I was. And though I’d had periods of being in constant communion with the Spirit, those periods were far in between and didn’t really translate to business.

I didn’t want to seem like I’m hiding behind God – ever been around super-spiritual people that never give you practical advice or speak in a way that you understand? I didn’t want to be one of those people. Instead, I chose to rely on my understanding more and other’s people’s wisdom. I now can see that this stemmed from a skewed understanding of business and the nature of God.

Maybe you identify with these reasons, maybe you don’t and that’s okay. What’s important is that you are reading this, and you desire to put God first in your business too and not just pay lip service to it.

Who’s work is it?

When you are born again (ask Jesus into your heart), the Holy Spirit puts a seal on you and you become a child of God. And God dwells in you through the Holy Spirit. What most of us often lack is awareness of His presence, which’s why maybe you’ve never really tapped into it. 

Personally, for a few months, I had this yearning for more that could no longer be satisfied by working harder or surface self-care routines. I believe that the Spirit of God was inviting me to deeper intimacy because without this prompting, I wouldn’t have walked this journey at all.

The 5 signs

1. Willpower & motivation are no longer cutting it

Inspirational quotes and motivational speeches are alright, but if you are finding that their effects are not long-lasting or you are just meh, then it’s possible that you are needing more.

I got in a car accident that though not crazy major, it left me paralyzed where I couldn’t function anymore. I’m not saying that God revels in our misery, but it’s often in these painful times that we come face to face with God and in turn who we are. When we have nothing else to say or do. Nothing was motivating me anyone – my why, the need to perform, the promise of an income. I’d hit a wall and all I could cry out was help.

2. You are tired of hustling

If it’s not prospecting or client calls it’s coming up with social media content. Truth is, a lot goes into running a business, and it doesn’t take too long for you to be in hustle mode 24/7. So if you are feeling tired and worn out and wondering if there’s a better way (and there is), it’s a good indicator that you are ready for a different way to operate.

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3. You’ve stopped feeling creative

Your work, which you used to feel passionate about, has become mechanical and it’s become a means to pay the bills. Entrepreneurs are creators, and when they are in alignment they come up with innovative solutions and leave a footprint of beauty with their art. You won’t always love every bit of your journey, but the satisfaction of a job well done and the awe of of partnering with God to bring about transformation should be there.

4. You keep attracting the wrong people

Wrong here doesn’t mean ‘bad’, but rather people who aren’t operating on the same wavelength as you. Yes you may need to revisit your messaging but it all starts with an alignment with your identity – whom God made you to be. 

When you are speaking in your God-given voice, the right people, those you are meant to serve, will hear you and respond. People that you already have favour with because their ears are open to receive what you have to say. They will be excited to sow into your work by paying joyfully, or excited to use your products and services.

5. You are drawn to certain people, resources and communities

Yes our communion with God often starts individually, but other people are often involved in propelling us towards our destiny. So pay attention if you find yourself drawn to certain communities that ignite a different fire and excitement in you. Especially a love for God and for His people.

Maybe you’ve been wondering what’s ‘wrong with you’. I pray and hope that these signs ignite a fire in you and propel you in the right direction.

If you’d like to explore your next steps with someone you can apply to work with me HERE or access my free resources HERE.

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