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Stock photos are essential when it comes to creating an attractive blog or website. You’ll be surprised to know that free stock photos are not hard to find. There are several websites which offer free images in the public domain. The best part is that these images are of high quality.

If you’re running a blog on a shoestring budget or you’re just starting out in the world of business, it can be hard to justify forking out money for photos. The world is your oyster when it comes to free stock photos, but it can be hard to find the best places to find them.

Content with visuals is more captivating than without it. It is more likely to be shared and has better SEO value than length one. It will get difficult on your budget to buy original images for every piece of content you published every time. 

Since you know the preferences, having a high-quality image that captures the audience’s attention is crucial. Pasting picture at the start of your content drives the message you portray in your web content, post, or pages. Images are a kind of impression of your content – low quality reflects content as less interesting and can be off-sign for you. You can find the best stock photos free and at affordable prices.

Stock Images in Words

Stock photos are photos designed by professionals that are licensed for you to use for free. Stock photos can use commercially without giving any credit or anything else.

There are myriad sites that offer free stock images in different niches and some that are a class apart. In this post, we will focus on those that offer for free. 

Let’s begin our journey!

Top Free Stock Photos Sites

Why does your content need the support of free stock photos?

Well, colors, images, and some fun in photos attract the attention you are working hard for. We will help you explore sites and find the best photos for your masterpiece.


Many people’s personal favorite, Pixabay offers million of great quality pictures free of cost. The site is easy to navigate. Just enter the term you are looking for images for, such as ‘cakes,’ then immediately, hundred of results pop up in front of your eyes for cake research. Don’t click sponsored photos as you are looking for a free one. 

Before using stock images, you need to remember a few things: there is a stock of photos sponsored and located t the bottom or top of the page. Don’t worry majority of images are free.


The second on the list is – Pexels. Thousands of exquisite picture that are available for free and can be downloaded easily. It consists of high-quality and completely licensed photos under CCO ( creative commons zero). All photos are nicely tagged, have a description, and are easy to discover through a particular keyword. 


This giant photo gallery has more than fifty-thousand images from more than thousands of different photographers. This site is not typical. You can use it easily like pexel and pixabay. Type a phrase or keyword in the search bar at the top page and browse the result. Find the top-notch images in no time. 

What sets it apart from others is its collection section. If you want several similar photos of a specific theme, then this may be your best option.


It is a social network with a bundle of stock photos. Having a collection of millions of photographers’ masterpieces in one place. The photos you will find on Flickr are SEO-optimized – metadata, image description, image title, targeted keyword, and much more. 

If you want to find photos taken in the USA, select the world map under the explore drop-down, and you will find thousands of results. 


The best place if you are looking for GIFs. It offers millions of Gifs that are easily accessible and shareable. If you are thinking of adding animated or moving images to your content, then you can go with GIPHY – the best free stock gifs app you ever visited. 

You might start thin, king how to counter that a particular type will not be able. But you will find all those you even expect. From TV clips to sports highlights to snippets, all are timely available here. It is the only official community artist site where you can find original work of photographers and artists. 

Stock Snap

This site is known for high-resolution pictures that are all free and can be used easily. They update and refresh their photo gallery with new images every week. What’s unique; you can search for images by most viewed, least favorite, or most favorite. You can also look into trending. There is a lot for you. Just browse it. 


Looking for quirky – Gratisography is for you! It is not as versatile as Pexels, Pixabay, or others, but you will find exceptional quirkiest images you won’t find anywhere else. Photos are categorized into different categories from Animal, cars to business. You can find quirky of the quirkiest images you even imagine. 

Summing up, we try our best to solve your ‘finding stock photos hassle’ so you can focus on your content and, in the end, find a picture for any niche. 

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