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5 signs you are ready to put God first in your business

If you are seeking to partner with God in your business, this post will serve as a signpost in your journey. 


How to steward your winter of the soul well

Soul Care

“It’s been a long winter,’ the thought echoed in my head as I sat in the emergency room waiting to be called in. Even though it’s been winter season literally, my thoughts were more on the figurative, soul level. Ever have a season where everything seems cold, extra hard and your faith is shaken and […]

How to be happy again in your network marketing business

faith in business

Joy wasn’t a word I’d pick if you asked me about my network marketing business a few months ago. Grind, rejection, disappointment, disillusionment would have been more fitting sentiments. Maybe you find yourself in the same spot, just drained and hopeless about your journey. My hope is that the next few words will help reignite […]


How to improve the quality of your videos with this simple lighting system

Content creation

Good light has the power to improve the quality of your videos exponentially, but knowing exactly what lighting system to get without breaking the bank is often the part that can take the longest. So in this post, I’m going to be sharing my $200 lighting setup that I use for my live and recorded […]

5 signs you are ready to put God first in your business

faith in business

To put God first as a business owner might be a desire of yours, but it may also feel like an elusive concept at the same time. This post seeks to serve as a signpost for those already on the journey of partnering with God in their businesses. What blocked me before Like I mentioned […]


Best camera for shooting content for your social media

Content creation

If you’ve been building a business online for two mins you’ll know the power of great visuals. Where most people get stuck is whether they need a ‘fancy’ camera to get the job done? So this post is going to help you as you decide which camera to use or invest in in order to […]

How to choose your network marketing leader

faith in business

There are many reasons why you can choose your network marketing leader or upline. In this post, I’m going to give you 5 intentional questions you can be asking in the process. Maybe you’ve been invited to look at an opportunity, or you don’t feel aligned to your current team and are looking for something […]

5 Shifts You’ll See When You Do Business With God

faith in business

When you decide to do business with God, ie to be completely yielded to Him and to be led by the Holy Spirit, you are naturally going to experience some shifts. But before we get to these shifts, it’s important to distinguish the difference between being a kingdom-driven entrepreneur and being a Christian with a […]

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