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If you’ve been building a business online for two mins you’ll know the power of great visuals.

Where most people get stuck is whether they need a ‘fancy’ camera to get the job done?

So this post is going to help you as you decide which camera to use or invest in in order to create content for your social media.

The right foundation

If you find yourself not creating or working because you don’t have a tool, I can accurately predict that what you are struggling with is a mindset or visibility issue, not a lack of resources. 

So my suggestion is that you get back to God and ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide your creative process, and you’ll receive your breakthrough.

Ask the Lord to show you the root of such a belief, or what needs healing in order to overcome that mindset.

And if you happen to really be in need of an upgrade then pray for provision, and it will come.

Watch the video above for a full breakdown and review of my equipment. I discuss the pros and cons of each in detail and explain my purpose for each.

Phone (7+)

2. DSLR – Nikon D800

3. Mirrorless camera – Sony a5100

Being a good steward looks like you making the best use of the resources you’ve been given.

So if you haven’t been consistently producing content and showing up for the people you’ve been called to serve then pick up your phone and get started.

Hope this helps, leave any questions below.

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