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Joy wasn’t a word I’d pick if you asked me about my network marketing business a few months ago.

Grind, rejection, disappointment, disillusionment would have been more fitting sentiments. Maybe you find yourself in the same spot, just drained and hopeless about your journey.

My hope is that the next few words will help reignite you once more as you build your business.

Why I haven’t quit

I didn’t consult with God when I started my journey almost 2years ago, oops:-) But it was in line with how I was living my life – getting ideas and running ahead.

And because of this, I wasn’t sure if I should continue at moments. Main reason being that my heart’s cry’s to attend only to the things that I’m called to do. Fine line I know.

However, network marketing has given me some of the best relationships, access to great mentors, mentees and travel like never before. It allowed me to help others, and make an income from home doing it while settling into a new country.

If the time comes for me to transition to something else I will, but for now I’m sticking with it.

But I’ve had to find a way to work the business that’s honouring to God, to my soul rhythms and to the people I get to work with.

So let’s get to some of the ways you can start enjoying ALL of your network marketing journey, and not just the highlights.


You ready for unpopular opinion?

As amazing as your opportunity is, it’s not the source of provision for life. And neither are your efforts, nor any work we take on for that matter.

God’s the source (Jehovah Jireh), and He’ll use ANYTHING to provide for you, including your network marketing business. Having this kind of perspective helps keeps the focus in the right place and being grace-led in your approach to work.

Hype is born when you feel like you have to pump something up in order to make it more attractive. But if you approach conversations from a place of being helpful, the journey will be more joyful for you.


If you find yourself overwhelmed and struggling mentally can I invite you to take a break? And I call it an intentional break because it’s done with a purpose to reconnect with your vision.

I know that I’ve pushed through tough periods of struggling mentally instead of stopping long enough to figure out what wasn’t working.

I know that this is in part because I tend to have an addiction to performance, but also because  I didn’t believe that God would take care of my needs if I stopped.

But it so happened that I was forced to go on a 3month break, and in this time I was able to think and attend to my soul’s needs. Which I’d ignored for the longest time.


We all have people that we feel called to serve, and to link arms with. So if you find that you are misaligned with the people you find yourself working with, people that make you dread checking your messages then it may be time to revisit your avatar.

And to do this can be as simple as sitting in a quiet place with a piece of paper and asking the Spirit to reveal to you who you are meant to serve. Usually, specific clients & teammates will come to mind, and you can work from there.

Working with people that you have favour with is half the battle, you’ll spend your energy truly helping them reach their goals, instead of putting out fires and dealing with passive-aggressive tendencies.


Challenges, groups, resources, courses – all these abound in the network marketing industry because everyone is so helpful. At one point I believe I was in at least 20groups, and I engaged in most of them. 

All of these are amazing tools, but you can find yourself paralyzed by the information overload. Oh, the comparison too when you see this person and that person getting their stars for topping the charts. And you can barely sell 1 bottle of anything.

Also, unless you are running a group, spending all day ‘learning’ is not what helps you make an income.

Do a trigger test – mindfully go into the different trainings and groups and pay attention to what’s rising up in your spirit as you do so. You will know what you may need to let go off for a season once you are paying attention.


I know I just said to cut down on trainings and now I’m asking you to improve your skills, which’s it?

Network marketing, like any other profession, often needs certain skillsets. The good thing is that these can be leant on the job, but practice is what separates pros from dabblers.

My favourite skill to learn has been posture – the ability to be unmoved by what others say.

This is because there are a lot of people that carry some hurt, or choose to mock the profession because they don’t understand it.

So figure out which skills are holding you back, and seek to get better with each interaction. 

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Eat to nourish your body, workout, take care of your soul & rest. 

It’s that simple, but can be hard if you’ve bought into the lie that you have to push everything aside until you reach the top of your comp plan.

When you are beaming with health people pay attention. So heed to what your body’s crying for and provide it.

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