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There are many reasons why you can choose your network marketing leader or upline.

In this post, I’m going to give you 5 intentional questions you can be asking in the process.

Maybe you’ve been invited to look at an opportunity, or you don’t feel aligned to your current team and are looking for something else, here are some important questions to answer about whom you are considering joining.

Our destinies are often impacted by the partnerships that we choose, and network marketing, though you are in charge of your business and brand, is no different.

Who you choose to link arms with can help or make this business tough for you.

The network marketing industry is tough & very few people do well in it so it’s not enough to join network marketing because your sister or cousin is a distributor.

Seeking the Lord

Once you know that this is the route for you, pray for the right leader for you. Not one that’s hip & happening, or one whose life you envy.

I have no doubt that you’ll start noticing some few leaders and experience divine encounters because the Holy Spirit loves to guide us.

And below are some practical questions you can be asking too.


They are different methods you can use to build your network marketing business, and choosing a leader with a method that resonates with you is key to longevity.

Some people choose to build offline, while others prefer building online, while others do a mix. 

And even with online methods, there are nuances. Blogging, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, attraction marketing, funnels, live videos, cold messaging – the methods are endless.

How they approached you is how they are going to teach you to approach others. So ask yourself if you’ll want to do that for a long period of time.

For example, even though I’ve learned to do both, I’ve found that I personally prefer to generate leads & build online 95% as it works best for my lifestyle. You’ll never find me doing trade shows and parties (unless truly inspired), so I’d not be the best person to inspire someone looking to build this way.

So when interviewing potential teammates I like making sure that we are aligned this way. 

Your leader’s going to teach you what they are practicing, so that’s why it’s of vital importance that you are not at odds in your styles.


Our personal growth journeys are different, and how we express life lessons will look different too. So if you are eyeing a leader, check if you’ll be able to learn from them.

And learning from someone can be anything – it doesn’t necessarily have to be about your opportunity or products. But do they look like someone that’s a step ahead of you and they are getting better daily? Because most people grow into leadership. 

An aspect to consider too is your backgrounds. Stay at home Moms will connect better with other stay at home moms, photographers to photographers, corporate leaders to other corporate leaders. This doesn’t mean any other partnerships won’t work, but you’ll click quicker because you speak the same language.

So check the ‘vibe’ from the beginning, if you don’t respect your upline, you’ll never really learn from them.


This one’s super important because you become like which you behold, so when you put yourself under a leader, you are inheriting their influences too.

So ask your potential leader, who they are learning from? You can find this out by asking what they are reading, who they are going to for training and some of their favorite quotes etc. Check out their social media profiles too, this will usually give you a good idea.

This is not to say that you should only hang out with people similar to you, but just to ensure that whoever you are walking with, you are in agreement with because God commands a blessing then. 


I’m treading carefully here because I’m well aware that ‘success’ looks different for everyone.

But if you are considering joining someone’s team ask them how they are doing raising other leaders. Are they replicating? Do they have systems in place to help you hit the ground running?

If they’ve been at it for a while and there doesn’t seem to be much progress then red flags should go up.

Growth’s evidence of life, and you’ll probably inherit whatever’s going on there. 

Leaders raise leaders. They don’t have to have hundreds in their downline, but there will be proof of growth in some way.


A leader sets the pace for their team, so it’s worth looking into what culture is prevalent before getting on board.

Most leaders will let you in their prospecting groups, or on their group calls so you can get a feel of the culture. 

How do they handle conflicts?

Are they clique-y or have a culture of inclusion?

Do they seem pushy or they graciously answer questions and allow you to make your own decisions? 

Also pay attention to how the leader handles the rest of the team, not just the top 5% that are top producers.

Great leaders aren’t enablers, but they keep the table long enough for everyone that’s engaged, even those that aren’t crushing leaderboards.

I believe there are many more things you can pay attention to, but these are the ones in my heart to share. 

And if you’d like to get an invitation to join my team see details here.

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