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Good light has the power to improve the quality of your videos exponentially, but knowing exactly what lighting system to get without breaking the bank is often the part that can take the longest.

So in this post, I’m going to be sharing my $200 lighting setup that I use for my live and recorded videos in my business.

A disclaimer

As with everything, a lack of resources should never stop you from releasing what God’s put in your heart for others.

So if you’re waiting to get lights before producing, may I suggest sitting with God & figuring out if there’s a real reason for you not taking action?

The most important aspect of any content is it’s transformative power, the tools are just supporting acts.

Why I made the investment

As a full-time photographer, I loved shooting in natural light (light from the sun) and I got really good at reading light situations and creating in them. So I’ll take natural light any day! 

But I ended up investing in some lighting equipment mainly for 3 reasons.


I moved from a country that had sun almost 365 days a year and no time change to one with actual 4 seasons. So this meant that I had to make a plan for the no sun days & seasons. I have a nice big window in my space that I make use of during sunny seasons.

Also, relocating to Canada also meant that I have easier access to equipment, which wasn’t the case before. 


As a Mom sometimes my days are full of school drop-offs, errands and other activities. So I need to be flexible in when I can work. This sometimes means early mornings or late in the evening when it’s quiet. Personally I still love being able to produce quality work, no matter the time of the day.


I’ve got dedicated space to work in my house, so that’s why I’m honestly able to have these and keep them out. So do take this into consideration when thinking of investing.

Light and airy workspace


I’ve been able to get my light setup because of the generosity of the people in my life. I’ll often put my Christmas or birthday gift towards my gadgets because they just spark joy within me. Which brings me to this principle – always keep your eyes open for unconventional ways that God’ll provide resources for your business. Sometimes he’ll use others to sow into it, and other times you’ll have to have to save up and sow yourself.

The setup

I could possibly get away with using just the ring light like most YouTubers, but I personally don’t like the look.

So if you happen to have enough just for 1 piece know that you can totally start with just one light source, you don’t have to buy everything all at once.

I use a 3 point light system comprising of a ring light and 2 umbrellas.

Key light – I use the ring light as my key light. This makes sure that I’m well-lit because a big part of communication with video is being able to be seen. I don’t place it directly in front of me, but more like 30 degrees to my left. 

Fill light – I then use one umbrella as a fill light. The key light will cast shadows on the side that’s not lit, so the fill light serves to ‘fill’ those shadows. I place mine opposite the ring light for a nice balance.

Backlight – This is the last piece to complete the triangle. And it serves to separate me from the background for a more dynamic shot.

These aren’t exactly top-notch lights, but they get the job done for what I need them to do.

Now, you don’t have to buy this exact equipment, you can use any combination of lights to get the same effect.

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